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Annie Tobin
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Hi Shirley, a sweet page this one and a lovely background paper to tone in. I love how you have included the black and white photos … kinda like the old and the new. 😉 And, thanks for the welcome back my friend, mojo has returned … for now! 🙁
For your PSP issue it should be under View, scroll down to Toolbars and make sure that Standard is ticked. If this doesn’t work then it is definitely a Cassel fix-it job … ;D
You know what I have found Shirl … older fingers do strange things, gads but it can be annoying. I do have the shakes a little and my touch tone is sure not what it used to be but I will be working away … concentrating deeply as you do … and then all of a sudden I will look up and, ta-da, something has disappeared or appeared. Does this happen to you or am I alone with this peculiar affliction which I call … transition to dementia!? LOL!
Stay well my friend … New Zealand has become a symbol of hope for the rest of the world to aspire to! <3