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Wanda (Sue) McGuire
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I am looking at each page and loving them everyone!

Here is my day 4.  This time mostly made from things I have gathered from here and there.  2021 is being very naughty with the larger files.  I could never explain them all but to name just one the program refuses to apply what I tell it to do unless the layer is at the very top.  Very frustrating but I really do not feel up to going into all the glitches I have found with Corel support.

Carole one thing I wanted to point out is when I created my hide all mask layer the black layer was created but the white would not paint the mask.  I finally gave up and just drew out a selection and flood filled with white then flood filled a layer under with black and merged then used it for a mask from image.  When I came back and opened the file later it worked fine.  Hopefully it will work fine with day 5 because I am excited to try that one.  This one is kind of blah to me.