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Annie T., glad you are getting more comfortable with the masks. They can be so useful and so versatile. And then, it will also help you use templates if you ever need to complete some projects quickly. I would have one suggestion on your Backyard Romance: the element on the bottom left is under the mask. As the photo ends up with edges that are not as sharp as a regular paper photo, it might be more realistic to have it on a layer above the photo. The last page has such perfectly matching elements for that photo! Subtle colors.

Shirley, did you use a regular gradient to create your background? I find the colors very happy and great with black and white photos. Check your email to help with the toolbar issue.

Sue, simple is often better (and easier) than trying to overload a page. With fewer elements, we have more time to look at everything. I always love your wordarts!

Lynda, such a great way to showcase that important day. Images, words, and feelings. All in a page. Great page 4. You are having fun with those masks and the white frames.

Jnet, you are bringing a great question for saving the mask. I should make a tutorial. But in short, here are some steps:

  • copy the mask group
  • paste it as a new image
  • replace the photo by a black layer (you should now see something that looks like a black mask shape)
  • Right-click > Merge > Merge all (Flatten)

Ann S., your background has such a rich color to match the softness of Magic’s photo. I am not sure I would want to get too close to that skunk love!!! 🙂

Barbara, sometimes, if you want to use a plaid that is subtle, just choose a segment of the photo that does not have many colors or color variations. But making it tiny is also another way to get a different result. Are you going to make this a double page?

Wanda, beautiful love page!!! You have an amazing way to showcase black and white photos.

Jennifer, great way to tell their story. Simple and elegant.

Minka, that sunset (or sunrise?) is beautifully framed. You made a great mask for it.

Linda, you can always create a new plaid if that one is not making you 100% happy. Pick a different area of the photo for a completely different result. If you kee the page in layers, you can replace it later, when you find a plaid that you like better.

Mary, that tag is perfect for a date! The photos are beautifully showcased. I am glad you experimented. Interesting how you left the plaid without an angle. Again, it makes a different effect.

Corrie, breath-taking images you are sharing with us. You make us travel while nobody can do it in real life.

Donna, that is a great photo, and I am glad you displayed it that way. You made a really interesting frame with the snowflakes.

Anne L., that is a funny story to tell in picture!!

Gerry, a black and white photo with a black and white background creates a stunning effect!

Laurie, more comfort with masks means more use. And then, you will have fun exploring even more tools. Was the Happy Birthday written on the plate itself?

Anita, for the bottom images, it would be the exact same steps as for the top one and you did it correctly. Just make sure you work on the correct layer, and not the frame or the shadow. You did it once, so you can do it again.

For those who never posted anything, are you having difficulties? If so, don’t hesitate to post your questions.