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Annie Tobin
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Well, what a delightful morning I have had perusing the Campus and enjoying my coffee … as you do!
Sue, your girls are beautiful and your love for them shines through your page.
Jnet, a lovely page for 2yr old Nathan and I like the way you have placed a couple of bright pink elements … draws your attention to the centre stage.
Ann, both of your pages are delightful. Magic looks to be so peaceful in a warm and cosy environment. Skunk love is very cute and I like how you have got the birdie singing the skunk a love song.
Barbara, both are cool pages and you are progressing nicely in paint shop pro, well done.
Wanda, your day 2 is very romantic … I think your choice of colours helps with that … and, your day 3 is simply lovely, I have ever loved the colour combination of grey and pink, nicely done.
Jennifer, both day 3 and day 4 have a lovely nostalgic appearance, well done.
Minka, I know this song well and your page suits it down to the ground, well done.
Linda, your day 2 turned out very well and your plaid fits in perfectly even if you did have to tone it down, well done.
Mary, day 2 has beautiful pastel autumn tones and you have picked up the colours well for the plaid, fits perfectly.
Corrie, I am loving your mountains. I feel like I am on a holiday whenever I view them, thank you.
Donna, a nice layout for the lovely photos, well done.
Anne, your page is lovely simplicity and it sure put a smile on my dial, what a birthday present, so appropriate for these times!