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Mireille B, bienvenue dans ce challenge. Oh, je vois de superbes pages en perspective. Vas-tu créer toutes les pages sur le même thème? Ce sera un super album!

Annie T, that blue plaid really makes those white roses stand out.

Susan, beautiful showcase of your love. Since you have a “busy” background with the plaid, maybe you can add a bit more shadows on the smaller photos? Your background on Day 3 is very subtle overall, which makes it great and not busy at all.

Corrie, it seems like the view is breathtaking. I am not sure I would be able to walk that far myself!

Cristina, are you going to offer those pages, un-pixellated to your subjects at the end of the challenge?

Jennifer, on that page you say the mask is grey, it does look correct. Is the opacity of all the layers set to 100% inside that mask group?

Lynda, nice family photo! I am curious to know what font you used. I love that one.

Jnet, that background paper perfectly matches the photo!

Barbara, what a neat theme for your pages! I am glad that you took on that journey into scrapbooking with us. You have come a long way!

Ann S., as Sue answered you, yes that white frame was simply added afterward. I used the Rectangle tool (vector) so I could rotate it without losing any quality before converting it to a raster. Since you used the same font I used, MAYBE you can try to use the extra “tail” at the end of the name. Check this tutorial on how to access those glyphs.

Linda, did you get that Day 3 email? I think that since you joined a little later than others, your emails are timed a little later too.

Sue, you are always making such lovely wordart pieces! Thanks for helping Ann.

Gerry, great photo and that background paper is quite fitting!

Anita, welcome to the forum and the challenge. I suspect that on the page you posted, you had hidden the mask layer, which explains why the photo is displaying completely (instead of “through” a masked area).

Donna, I see that you are following my lead in using the same name title through the pages for continuity. Since those blocks are supposed to have some “depth”, have you considered adding some drop shadows to them?

Minka, that is a great idea to re-use the mask. You are the creator of those pages so have fun making them unique!

Mary, I also agree that it is a little convoluted to go through all those steps to create a mask, but after a while, you will see that it will become an easy routine. If you really want to go faster and “cheat”, there is a script that does it for you. If you really want to, HERE it is. You said you use the Eraser to uncover the faces. Since it is a black and white mask, you could just brush some white, on the mask part to “uncover” that area.

Anne L. glad to hear that you proved them all wrong!!! Beautiful page.

Laurie, if your plaid is small, it is possible that you started with a small piece to create the stripes. Is that possible? I think you have layered your photos/masks wrong. I see the photo on the bottom left seems to be inside the mask group for the top photo. Can you check that?

Gabriella, welcome to the Campus! Beautiful dog! I am curious what font you used for the titles. It is lovely!