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Anne L, it would be cool if you could share what it is that you learned. It would emphasize some lessons! Will you focus all the pages on your mother? (I just assume this is your mother). For your Day 2, the idea of reducing the opacity is a good one. That is a good way to tone down something that would otherwise overpower the project.

Gerry, I love that font! I think Amelia will certainly put more smiles on your face in these challenging times. The plaid technique is definitely addictive. And if you want to REALLY be addicted, there is a script in the store that can make a bunch of plaids in one run!

Annie, those birds look so loving. Perfect for a LOVE theme!

Susan, you did a good job of layering: the wordart is perfectly placed, under the photos!

Ann S., glad to hear that the “issue” is fixed. A grey mask might have its place in some situations, especially when the masks have fuzzy edges, so you can keep that idea for other projects too. That plaid is obviously, perfectly matching the photo!

Cristina, those birds on the window frame are so perfectly placed. I had to look twice to realize they were not part of the photo!

Sue, those corner swirls are super interesting!

Jnet, yes, those pages showcase my grandson, but it was not a photo of him that was used in the Master Class on Sunday.

Corrie, looking forward to see all those mountain photos. I see you changed the color of the small photo frames. That is a great tweak.

Donna, another lovely baby layout (I think we might have a baby party!). Getting yellow as a colorized element is typically quite challenging. The best way I found would be using Blend modes, so you might have to experiment a bit. I love how you rotated the template for Day 2. That would an easy way to reuse the same supplies to create something different.

Minka, if I had not read your post, I would have thought those animals WERE alive! If I may offer a little suggestion,  I would encourage you to move the bottom text a tiny bit as it is overlapping the tag, which would not be realistic (or you can move the tag too).

Wanda, when photos are “lower quality”, it is a great opportunity to use masks especially if they are not completely black/white. That way, the photo is not expected to be as “sharp”. Or also, using them in smaller format is another way to get around the issue.

Jennifer, old photos are always a favorite when using “artsy” masks like that.

Laurie, welcome to the Campus. If you are new to using PaintShop Pro, you are doing a fantastic job. Somehow, I suspect you might be getting some coaching on the side 😉 Looking forward to your other pages. Remember, if you are ever stuck, just post in the forum. I read every single post. And someone else might even be faster than me to reply if needed.

Linda, glad that you are discovering a new tool altogether. On the larger photo, is it possible that you might have resized it sideways? It might be an optical illusion, but that is the impression I get.