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Minka, you are correct: you can showcase anyone or anything you love!

Sue, what was the issue with the template of the day?\

Jennifer, that will be a great tribute if you continue on this theme! Do you notice the hard edges on the left and right of the larger photo? If you use a soft eraser tip, you can soften that edge a little if you want.

Jnet, you chose a similar theme as mine! 🙂 To answer your question, if you want to save for printing, you will likely want as little compression as possible but that will make a large file. If it is only for viewing online, on a monitor, a compression value of 20 will usually not even show much compression.

Lynda, how did you modify the original template to end up with that heart shape? Was it still a mask just like the original?

Ann, if your background paper appeared on top of the photo, it might just be a layering issue in the Layers palette. Did you see where that paper ended up? Was it “stuck” inside the mask group? If so, you can just click it, and drag the layer below. But you will have other pages to practice!