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Annie Tobin
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Sorry Lynda, I did not see your query. Sometimes I respond to a post and voila! … it simply disappears. It happened 3 times in a row a couple of weeks ago after which I just gave up. Sometimes when it happens I will post again and then suddenly I have 2 posts of the same thing! Hats off to Carole in dealing with these issues.

I see you have discovered that this is the true colour of the Splendid Fairywren. I am saving photos from Australian Geographic to use in creating pages. I myself am amazed at the diversity of beautiful and colourful birds we have here. In fact, I am finding absolutely gorgeous coloured birds from all over the world! Of course they don’t always fit with the theme etcetera but they are cool for the What Are You Working On forum. You don’t need to go searching as you are a very handy photographer and a lot of your photography is exceptional. ;D