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Bonnie Ballentine
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Wow! Beautiful creations, all!

Here is a pickleball page and it fulfills two challenges….sketch and word cloud.

I used Carole’s script to create the post mark…it was either 6 or 7…I don’t remember.

I rotated the sketch and changed some other things. I begin with all good intensions of using the sketch and by the time I finish, many changes have been made. I put a drop shadow on the word clouds of 0, 0, 70, 1. Now I’m thinking I should have reduced the opacity.

We are expecting snow tonight…about 5 inches. Carole and many of you would not even take notice of 5 inches. We are expecting to add to that amount on Monday. I grew up in the South and was 14 before I saw snow. It was a big event. Now, I don’t want it…of course, now I have to shovel it and it is almost impossible to find a good sledding location.