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Ann Seeber
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Module 3 of the Basic Scrap Course, 2nd time around. This is titled Concentration and features the Short Eared Owl, common here in Orange County, NY. The background paper from a kit: Life Montage, the frosted branches lower right is the new Corel freebie: overlay. The title font is Wide Latin, doubled and shadowed. The owls were photographed by Joseph Licari for The Hudson Valley in Pictures. I’m also posting the same exercise from June 2020 so you can see the difference. Its title is Family and is the first photo of my grandson, his wife and my first great granddaughter, Magic, who was born June 4.

Not sure if you’ll be able to read the small text in the owl layout to I’ve posted it here, also:

The short-eared owl is an open-country hunter and is one of the world’s most widely distributed owls. They course silently over grasslands on broad, rounded wings, especially at dawn and dusk. They use acute hearing to hunt small mammals and birds.

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