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Annie Tobin
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Hello Campus Friends.  I have been asked about the Transparency filter/plugin and what I use it for so here is an explanation and an example.  I use the plugin mostly for overlays and brushes/stamps.  I search on the net for a nice abstract background paper (or whatever takes my fancy … freebie of course!).  If it is not in black and white then I colorize it using hue/saturation.  If it is not square it doesn’t matter because I open a new image 3600×3600, select all, copy the black and white image and paste into the selection.  It will be distorted but as I am using it as an overlay it doesn’t matter.   Then comes the fun part using the plugin Transparency (which I have loaded into Filters Unlimited).  In the example below I have elected to eliminate black … it is now ready for use.  For the example I added a new raster layer, coloured it with a colour of choice (yellow), took that layer below the overlay and used the blend mode of soft light.  Then I added a texture.  Once you start playing around with it there a just so many overlays, papers and brushes you can create with it.
P.S. No matter what I tried to do the pic showed up in reverse but I am sure you will get the drift, LOL!