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cindy harris
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Hi All,

Ann I wished we could have likes or hearts,  I would of put so many hearts up to now.   Ann Love your last Entry I hope you win the Drawing for what you want Your good.

I hope I win to  I am hoping for a run in the Creation Cassel Store, but mostly the Membership for this Campus.    My family has been so proud of me, being in a school.  ME to its really helped me get thru this isolation and raise my spirits only had to call Sucide hotline once last year that night was to much for me.  I really luv This campus I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t tried to D/l or been at.   I am tackling things now I couldn’t do up to now.  This helps me so much more than I can even tell Cassel.     I wrote you on facebook if I could share your Last entry, its so Awesome.