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Corrie Kinkel
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Annie what a nice and colorful birds you have in Australia, I’m getting envious. And your page is as always superb! I still have a lot to learn but okay I started out only last march……. I have not done much this month,  I ran a bit out of inspiration after all the calender work and christmas cards. Besides there were a lot of other things that needed my attention. I mostly scrap in the evening, but that is also the time that I can skype with my daughter and grandkids in the States and the girls can of course always interrupt what I’m doing. So there passes evenings that I’m helping with homework (they still have homescholing) by listening to a bookchapter they have to read, doing maths or just chatting to kill the time until their next call is due. Isn’t it nice to be able to do so despite the great distance there is between us!

I have installed the Laplacian Enhanched plugin and I was able to install the 64bits with Edge; Chrome is a no go. Here is a before and after example of it on a (boring) photo.