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Connie, it is nice to use scrapbooking to tell the stories as simple as those little things that you miss. And by the way, where did you get those fancy enamel elements? They are beautiful. Are painted rocks a thing in your area? I thought it was local here only!

Mike, you posted the images at the correct location! On your sleigh projects, if you were to add shadows, it would likely define the different elements and photos even more. For the Glitters pattern, did you have the pattern image open in your workspace? If so, it was probably in the list of patterns among all the other images but it does not necessarily show as glitters in the thumbnail. Just notice the image name to retrieve it in the Materials palette.

Jennifer, beautiful page. Is that the same girl on all three photos? In the fifth project, it is a great idea to alternate solid and striped squares!

Ann S, say hi to your granddaughter, from a fellow S-LP 🙂 I love how you replaced the i by a needle!

Leslie, you did a great job in using a larger shadow on the leaves. About the milkweed, what about the attract the butterflies? Do they feed on them? Do they cocoon on them?

Clarine, I am glad you are getting more comfortable with the many functions of PaintShop Pro. There is so much more we can do than “just” fix and crop photos! Sorry for the loss of your baby sister.

Cindy, yeah, you love to use those scripts! If i could give you a suggestion, maybe try to avoid placing “thick” elements (like that big paper clip) close to the edge and have it cut. You would not cut that kind of element in a traditional paper project, would you?