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Congrats everyone for finishing up Bootcamp.  I know I have learned tons and  no doubt so did all of you.  I have enjoyed immensely everyone’s creations.  And I want to give all of you a big thank you for the encouraging words and helpful hints.  And to Miss Carole, I bow down to you for all that you have taught us in just a few days.  It’s so exciting to finally know how to use some functions in PSP.  And guess what?  I finally got a kit to download and as you can see I had fun using it. (A different web browser did the trick.)

I decided to do this last project in honor of my sister Nettie.  Knowing I love to take pics of eagles, she took me on one last road trip to a park known for eagle watching.  Several months later, during her last breaths on this earth I told her “Soar with the eagles Baby Sister.”  So now, whenever I see an eagle, of course my dear sweet Nettie pops into my mind and my heart.