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Hi everyone,

Here is my 5th project.  It was lots of fun because it seemed to bring a lot of features together.  I did struggle with it because my laptop seemed to have slowed down quite a bit.  I thought I had figured out why, but I’m not sure.  In the end it just took longer to finish the project.  I did not copy my text into the text selection box I typed it and it created only a Vector layer so when I saved it as a jpg the text was tiny and up in the corner.  Once I copied the layer and converted it I was able to resize it and put it back in the white area beside the picture of the woodpecker.  Easy fix once you know what is happening.

Cassel – In answer to your question above regarding milkweed – I had to check with my husband, but it should propagate by spreading seeds.   As long as they didn’t all fly away to another’s garden you should see them come back this year.