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Raymond Easley
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I had made the initial scrapbook image for Christmas but changed the color of the background, took out some plants, added the 2 rose elements and have been working with animation after Annie gave me the website. The only other program that is necessary is JASC Animation Shop Version 3.11. I could download the 3.05 version without any problems but each time I tried to find 3.11 it would take me to the Corel Website. I think that program,, JASC has been replaced by Photomirage? I had to resize the scrapbook image to begin. I made the banner with animation separately and copied and pasted it. It has to be a gif file. The animation is explained in using Noise on 3 different layers, each with different amounts, copied into JASC animation Shop with the total file saved again as a .gif file. This is the result and I have Annie to thank. She was right, this can be addicting. It took several attempts to get the size down and still see the “movement”.