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Annie T., I had never seen those flowers. Very interesting. It is fun to learn things through scrapbooking!

Clarine, I am glad to hear that you feel more comfortable with all those techniques, shortcuts and ideas.

Jacques, and so many people say that older people have no interest in technology! I know that the Campus says otherwise. This layout is a fun story for you to tell: then and now!

Leslie, last summer, we were given milkweed plants from town to put in our gardens. We planted them, but no idea what it would attract. Will it populate or will we have to split the plant or what? Maybe I’ll have to connect with you on the topic. That deeper shadow, although unusual in general, is very appropriate for that particular element. And adding shadows on a separate layer is always a good idea as it does add the flexibility to tweak it.

Mary, layers are SO important in working with graphics that it is the reason why the sandwich exercise is the first one to do. Without an understanding of layers, one would struggle endlessly with PSP. You definitely seem more comfortable now. And to say there is still so much to learn and practice! Great layout on the bugs.

Julia, to address your Magic Wand issue, is it possible that the Contiguous box was unchecked? This would select ALL pixels that would match the mode. If you keep playing with PSP and follow various challenges in the forum, you will find other ways to add frames.