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Annie Tobin
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Thanks dear Ann, very much appreciated my friend. I hear what you are saying about the circle tag, which I did add after I had reduced the size of the overall page and then I had to fiddle endlessly with the shadow, lol! The tag says … a beautiful eucalypt endemic to south-west of Western Australia. Sometimes I get determined to use a particular element … a bit of a stubborn trait I’m afraid. I should have just used Arial font instead of trying to be so fancy … duh! You should have seen what it looked like on the 3600×3600 … a pinhead no less, lol! As Cassel has pointed out to us endlessly sizing down is fine but increasing can be disastrous! We are all learning and even those of us who have been psping for many, many years can/and do make rookie mistakes … and that was one of them, lol!
Your work is coming ahead in leaps and bounds dear Ann and you bring a sense of humour to everything you do … if not in the actual page then in your commentary … I love that. Hugs……Annie T ;D