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Me again … still whiling away some time waiting on a couple of deliveries to be made. Naturally, they cannot give you a small window of time … their window is ALL DAY until 9pm! I hope they come before then as I am usually zzzzzzing by then! LOL I find myself playing with another of the things in today’s email from Carole. The Laplacien Enhanced plug-in. I did see that it was a 32bit and I am running 64 … but I do keep an older version of PSP just for these occasions 🙂 So I loaded it there per the instructions and can see that it will be very useful. Sending both versions so you can compare. You will undoubtedly see which one is enhanced. Have you ever seen such a beautiful subway system? You know, I have never lived in a city with a subway system. Rode a lot of them in travel … but none where I have ever lived. Not sure it would be my favorite mode of transportation even if I did have one … but if they looked like this, I would give it a try for sure.