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Cindy, I am glad to see that you are using those scripts. Remember when you didn’t know how to run them?

Annie T, those are such warm colors in that layout! (and I need that with all the snow we got).

Clarine, that is a fun way to retell that story. I am glad the resizing works now. Aren’t those little details fun when you can add them to a project?

Mary, here is a little trick that might help you. When the active layer is a Vector layer and you add another Vector shape or text, it will add another OBJECT on the same layer, so when you convert to a raster to add a shadow, all the objects in the Vector layer will become ONE. If you want to create different words on different layers, simply activate a Raster layer before clicking to add some text and the system will automatically create a NEW Vector layer. That way, separate words would end up on different Raster layers. As for the size of the images, did you try to check and then uncheck the Tabbed documents? Your project is very nicely done with proper shadows.