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Mary Szeluga
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I found my PSPro Ultimate 64 bit program and opened it!  Created a short cut and deleted the other one. My work space seems so much bigger.

I still have a problem creating another Vector layer or raster layer when I finish the first word using Text Tool and want a second word.  I staid on the same Vector layer as my first word (Feed) and just changed the Font and color etc. and started typing the 2nd word (the). It put it on a layer below the vector layer for “Feed”.  Then I did a third word. But when I wanted to move them, it put all the words inside the rectangle to move them.  Then when I went to do Drop Shadows they automatically all went into 1 Rastor Layer.

The only way I can see the Windows I have minimized is to use the Windows/Cascade command.  Even if I shrink the size of the picture on the screen to very small, the title of it doesn’t show at the bottom – above the Organize. If I cascade them I see the name of each open window above the Organize Icon. Don’t know if this is a 2021 feature but it wastes my time.

Thanks for always replying to my questions.