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Annie Tobin
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Hello again Scrapbook Campers.  From when I first started playin with PSP I have loved playing with blends … gives so much scope for the imagination.  My first PSP was version 8 when it was still under Jasc and I have progressed to every version since.  I am having a few issues with version 2021 and still revert back to 2017 when the issues strike in 2021 … not your best version my PSP community!  2012 and 2017 are – to date – my all time favourites.  So I have been a PSP user for 17 years!  A lot of changes have come about in the digital art world in that time and whilst I appreciate the digital scrapbooking concept, tags and animations remain my passion.  I received my Animation cert in 2010 and my Tubing cert in 2013.  Blending with PSP is a beautiful concept and so I have decided to start posting some of my work here … after all, this forum is, by and large, all about PSP.  This tut was one from long ago by PSPpals and I have made a few changes … as you do!  I used Cassel’s Old Book alpha for the title and it blended in nicely via … you got it … Blend Modes!  Thanks for takin a peek my friends.  ;D