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Annie Tobin
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Masks in PSP are wonderful things.  Usually if I want an image to blend into the background I will do a misted tube, pixel range of feathering depends on how far out I wish to extend and how much of the image I want to retain.  I have been playing with Cassel’s Maskmaker Script and it is wonderful.  I also discovered that a mask can make a grungy and funky frame.  In this example I have used white as the frame colour but that will obviously be a personal choice.  I did the select all, float, defloat on the masked image and then extended the selection by 50 pixels … again a personal choice … then added a new raster layer under the image and flood filled with the white.  I like the effect but there is always room for improvement.

Great webinar this morning Carole, thank you … lots to take in and put to good use.  ;D

P.S.  The image is from Unsplash and is of the Cassowary … a large flightless bird from North Queensland … and yes, you had better be wary as they are a dangerous bird.  🙁