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Sue Thomas
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My dearest Annie,  your comments on my work means a great deal to me, also  very much  appreciated.  They help encourage me to aspire to  create better pages. When I need to extract a building or a tea cup, which has  definite sides I  will use either the   magic wand or eraser.  When it comes to feathers and fur I do like to use a mask, plus the fact that I can always go back to the page and edit the mask, something you can not do when you use the eraser tool, or magic wand.    The font used for the word Spring is called  Storyteller.  The majority of my pages are not  scrapbook layouts, but I do like to incorporate all that Carole has taught me  through her element tutorials. I coloured  the word using 2 brush techniques,  lock transparency, and  paint behind. As for the Chickadees, they are my winter visitors, and become quite tame, they have on occasion  taken feed out of  my hand.  I’m waiting patiently for the migratory birds to return, as  come spring their songs will  break the winter silence.  And then there are  the insects,  I love macro photography, particularly shooting  insects.  Start playing with something different, and you’ll create your own distinctive style. I’ve closed PSP for tonight, but  I’ll send you the  names of the other fonts tomorrow.  I used 2 fonts for the word believe.  One tip when creating word art, use lots of guides, horizontal and vertical.  Enjoy the rest of your day, I’m off to bed now.