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Corrie … Christina … Annie … Val … Ann … and EVERYONE that comes to read and view — Even in these uncertain times I am praying that you all find something to be cheerful about on Christmas Day and heading into the New Year.  It will be a much needed new year for everyone – a fresh start.  Anything should be better than the 2020 we just endured.

I’ve been playing today with Carole’s Wooden Alphabet.  Last year I bought an abutting property in Maine and had a builder rehab it.  An 100 plus year old Cabbage Barn.  He separated it almost in half inside and finished one side into living space while leaving the other side as a barn and workshop.  I practically lived in it this past summer building stuff and am looking forward to getting back to it late spring.  I’ve always had a craft room in my house which my mother named “Creation Station” 35 years ago.  When the barn was completed my family asked what I was going to call it and I said it’s still going to be Creation Station in honor of Mom.  It’s a fun place and it’s only  350 steps from my front door.