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Annie Tobin
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Ann, I am not sure why they would not work. But, here is what I do with mine;-
Download the zip file to the scripts restricted folder in PSP.
Then create a folder for AWS scripts if you don’t already have one (this is handy if you purchase more AWS scripts).
Move the zip file into the AWS folder and unzip.
Read the instructions (I usually save the instruction file in another folder that I have created for future reference).
Place all the selections into the PSP Selections folder.
Place all the picture tubes into the PSP Picture Tube folder.
If there are patterns or templates do the same thing and place in their respective PSP folders.
Leave all the PSP scripts where they are … in this case I think there will be 6 of them as listed below.
As I save the zip file into a folder for all PSP related zip file downloads I delete the extraneous (blinkie, etcetera) which have opened when unzipping … your choice.
Your scripts should now be good to go.
In your drop down list the items will show up individually:- AWS_ChristmasCardFrame1, AWS_ChristmasCardFrame2, AWS_ChristmasSnowman, AWS_ChristmasTree2, AWS_HereComesSanta, and AWS_HomeForChristmas.
A screenshot below will show how I tend to save my PSP and Scripts Restricted files.
I also have a preview folder … for me it is easier to browse through … every picture tells a story!
If you have done all of the above then there is no reason (that I can think of) why the scripts should not work.
I hope this helps Ann … if not then we shall pass it on to Cassel … I am a PSP knowledge rookie compared to Carole, ;D