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I had wondered earlier about when we would start to see these colors out there in the “marketplace”.  I had my first encounter this afternoon and I have to admit, I think they did a creditable job of making them seem more interesting than I thought they might be.  I was on a Murals website and they offered this: (their words) — Pantone’s color of the year is actually a duo for 2021; Ultimate Gray (17-5104) paired with Illuminating (13-0647). Gray and yellow speak to the duality of what we’re looking for in the year 2021. Gray provides a solid foundation in a challenging time, offering the chance to ground ourselves in the present and consider things from a practical angle. But beyond stoic fortitude, 2021 is going to call for ingenuity, optimism, and energy, encapsulated by the pairing of a bright, sunny yellow with a cool, calming gray. Pantone’s pairing reminds us that while it’s important to keep our feet planted firmly on the ground, it’s still okay to look towards the clouds and the sunlight streaming through them. — Spinmasters are great … It certainly seemed reasonable.  We aren’t nearly out of the woods yet – but big time hope is on the way.  Here were some of their pairings which I thought quite well done.  Hope it’s okay to share them.  🙂