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Christmas – It can be a volatile time of life.  Busy, for sure … It’s usually a pretty bustling time getting decorated, buying presents, coordinating menus, making sure everyone in the family has what they need. It can also be a time of reflection on past events in your life – both happy and sad.  Even those sad events I like to treasure and be grateful for the time we got to share.  Memories of good times are what carry us through difficult times …  gives you strength and bolsters your morale to remember those events that stick with you.  Little bits and pieces of other people sometimes stay glued to your soul.  That’s a good thing.  My husband and I often went to OBX for Christmas with his brother and wife.  While my husband is gone and so is the brother’s wife, I still treasure those memories and don’t even really need pictures to do so.  Those bits and pieces truly are glued to me.  I wanted an unusual background for the piece so I went out in the middle of the street and took a picture of the tar with my ipad.  That is the background I used … the macadam from my street.  You just NEVER KNOW where inspiration will come from!  LOL