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Karon Dey
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Ann Seeber, Advent 13 is another page to be so proud of. The Christmas tree and the kids, just perfect. Oh, I fell in love with Advent 14, the picture, the song, the layout…very lovely. Stekkjastaur is soooo cute. Great job. Lovely Advent 16 and I really like how you combined items from several kits. Your layout of Bobby Smithson is a wonderful way to honor him. It’s a shame that such talent is lost to us. I did get a chuckle about the preying mantis cocoon.

Annie, thank you for the kind words. And your layout with the rolled edge is stunning.

Corrie, what a delightful layout. It must be nice to see such a lovely tree all decked out. Our town is to chaotic to do something like that.

Raymond, your granddaughter is extremely talented. She must take after her grandfather. Your layout is well done.

Sue, your ecard is gorgeous. Most times minimalist is best. Great gnome ecard. You did a awesome job on him and the background.

Cristina, your gnome is adorable. Love the colors and it looks as if he is off to post a Christmas card.

Minka, your layout is fasinating and I really enjoyed reading about your mornings with them.

Bonnie, the word art paddles are fantastic. They will make a great addition to any layout you do. Great 12 Days of Pickleball layout and word art tree.