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Moving into a new home, what little time I’ve been here, there always seems to be something to do. Perhaps a really good thing with Covid still making moving about unwise. Even though I am about 1600 miles away from what I know … some things remain the same. The sound of birds that half hour before sunrise when it seems they are conversing and making their plans for the day. I don’t even pretend to know what they are saying, but they are loud about it. As it happens, the home I bought is very close to a crow roost in a preserve. There must be a “head crow” as I hear him “talking” every morning and then shortly afterward – waves of crows leave the roost. Each wave heads out in a different direction, boisterous as they fly! I think they have all been given missions to accomplish … what else could all that fuss be about? Anyway, they are hugely fun to watch in the colorful but muted early morning sky. It’s odd that they are so noticeable when they leave, but I never see them return. Obviously they do, but they are quiet and singular I think, for there is no fuss about their return. Crows are so intelligent and fun to watch, but if you don’t like their noise, oh boy! Who needs an alarm! I didn’t really do much with this … it just seemed to suit watching them.