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ANN – I couldn’t get the graphic to enlarge … but I could read the print anyway (with my high test glasses on!) LOL What an interesting story. I looked him up and found a wonderful conversation about that Jetty and how it looks even today. I bet he was a fascinating person … anyone who dreams up large works such as that just has to be. Funny about the preying mantis story – I can remember as a child dumping a pail of snakes in my grandmothers kitchen. She was NOT happy. My brother and I were young and just so happy to be able to play with snakes in Maine … when we weren’t allowed to in the south. Poor Gram. They were only garter snakes, but she had a hissy fit. Needless to say, we weren’t allowed to bring the pail in the house again. Lovely l/o and I love a good story such as that!