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Ann Seeber
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Hi Guys! Here’s Advent – Day 16 featuring the EU Robin which I’ve only read about, never having visited across the pond. 😉 We’re anticipating 18″ of snow starting this afternoon into tomorrow and I’m reminded of the little poem: “The north winds doeth blow and we shall have snow and what shall poor Robin do then? He’ll stay in the barn to keep himself warm and hide his head under his wing … poor thing!”

The Christmas tree and background are  from a game that I decorated myself as is the wording for the robin. The bird is a drawing I found on Google. The snowman and pinecones are from my collection of Iceland kits.  The bird silhouettes are from a beach kit. The garland I made using two gradients, rose gold and brass and the bow is from my collection of ribbons.

I’m holding off on more gnomes until I get the .PDF documentation of the webinar. I work better from that than from the video and messing with the shapes tool is hard for me.