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Ann Seeber
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Trish: that’s a beautiful layout. They’re predicting a little snow here today so maybe it will start to look like that around here too!

Finished my Scavenger Hunt yesterday so even though it was instituted in November I think it also qualifies as a December project now!

These little plants are my newest hobby; anything to keep me busy when it’s cold outside and, health-wise, a good idea to stay home as much as possible.

My layout theme is ORCHIDS and I’ve collected 5 of them, re-potted them all (even while blooming!) so we’ll see how they settle in.

The scavenger hunt asked for 1) a paperclip, which I created from Cassel’s tutorial; 2) a torn edge, which I also used the tutorial but am not that happy with the results; 3) scallops, I used Cassel’s script so that was easy; 4 & 5) a metallic object and a button, covered by my 1 for 2- a metallic button from my stash. I used the Impact font for the heading and filled it with a swatch I made from the flowers in the photo and backed it up with a white duplicate shifted over a bit to add depth. The trees are tubes and the papers and frame from random kits. The journaling paper is from Cassel’s burnt edges offering.