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Raymond, I am glad to see you use the techniques in different projects. And yes, typically, you will want to save images as png if they have a transparent section, or jpg if they are completely rectangular. However, you could copy and paste a layer even if the image was not saved yet.

Hi Cindy! 🙂

Margo, you are doing great with catching up! Did you happen to stretch the scattered elements? They look a little “flat”.

Alice, was your shape a vector one? If so, you cannot add a shadow to a vector (not with the Drop shadow command); you would have to convert it to a raster layer first, or it will try to “float” it or behave differently for you. I don’t know if you had some shadows on the pinked edge pieces. If you did, you can probably set it a bit wider to be more visible. Those babies are so sweet! That is a great page to showcase them.