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Priscilla, that is a great action photo you have!!!

Jacques, what you experienced with the “disappearing text” is a little “oddity” of PSP. When you create text wrapped inside a selection, it stays based on the selection which stays “in the memory of the image”. When you resize your image, say to 600 pixels, your selection will not resize and will still stay where it was originally set, so if the selection started at 800 pixels in height or width from the edge, it will stay there, but if the new size is 600, then the selection ends up “outside” of the image, and so is the text. So your text is not visible in the 600 pixels of the new dimensions, but it is still there. This is a situation where you should duplicate the text layer, and convert it to a raster before resizing. It looks like Guido will get a few scrapbook pages!

Alice, adding the shadows definitely makes a difference, don’t you think?

Remember that even though the individual projects are all “out”, you still have the weekend to complete 4 out of the 5 projects in order to be entered in the random draw! You still have time to catch up!