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Annie Tobin
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I am posting this even though I am not happy with the way it turned out.  I guess more than anything I am posting it because of the amount of time I spent in creating it … as you do!  The kit is Africa by Alicia Mujica and the tube’s name is Spring (Alicia created her back in 2012).  I selected her from my vast collection of Alicia’s tubes because she was the only one that kinda looked outdoorsy and fitted with the theme of the page.  The flower side border was made using a template I had created from one of Carole’s tuts.  The ‘banner’ was the result of playing around with the selection tool which is a tool I loooove.  I created the alpha for this kit as there was not one included so I used the available papers and went to work with the font Cooper Black, Vector tube script, Carole’s natural rope picture tube, monogram bevel and small shadow on the natural rope.   I was then able to create the SAFARI title.  Thanks for takin a peek my friends.  😉