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Grrr… my post of yesterday got eaten AGAIN!

Raymond, for the serrated edge, it is great to see the variety you can get by changing the angle. I am glad you liked the video tutorials. I always try to make them as clear as possible (although sometimes, I forget to specify some details, like with the Fill tool!)

Vicki, I agree that a multicolored title would not fit that theme on the page, so it is a good choice. I hope you can use that serrated edge tip in future projects.

Shirley, that Fill tool issue was common, which is why I added that article. I am glad it was helpful to you. For that Concentration layout, you found a really perfect photo!

Sandra, it looks like you are getting comfortable with shadows. Make sure you keep that 2020 Memories layout as it might become a theme late in December!

Alice, those pandas are lovely!!! Did you make this layout following one of the lessons? If I could give you a suggestion, it would be to add shadows to your photos and papers to give them more “dimension”.

Jacques, are you in all those photos? I am glad you are reading the comments for others as you obviously benefited from that with the Fill tool.

Margo, I am happy that this Bootcamp is helping you get more comfortable with PSP. I didn’t know CorelDraw could add shadows! (see, I barely know anything about CD!) If you want more supplies, have a peek at the Resources page in the Campus. A few sites are listed for free supplies, which could be a good way to get started until you can make your own supplies.

Cristina, that is lovely. Is that a place you visited or a place close to where you live?

Linda, I am glad those extra days were useful. Initially, the Bootcamp was 7 consecutive days of tutorials, even if participants didn’t HAVE to finish every day, but they often commented (especially for the very beginners) that they felt too rushed. Your Tadpole to frog layout is fun!! Such a simple activity, yet very interesting for the curious mind.