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Linda J.W. Great way to display those old photos. They always need to be cherished as we rarely have many of them. On your title, assuming that the letters were cut out from paper, could use a shadow to give it some thickness.

Raymond, it is quite ok to change the theme from flowers to birds! I have a suggestion for you. NOTHING to do with “improving” something that needs fixing, but the font you are using might be a perfect font to apply a chrome effect. Fonts that are thin and even all the way, are often great for a wire effect. Keep that font in mind if you ever want a wire effect!

Vicki, what can I say other than “yummy”!!!?

Rootbear, welcome to the Campus and the Bootcamp. If you find a different element (button or others) and you want to resubmit the project, you are welcome to do so. It can also be interesting to see the change that one or two elements can make. I think you could use a bit more shadows on the paper elements to give them more definition. (be careful as some pieces seemed to have slipped from the top of the image).