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My computer or PSP 2021 decided to give me grief the past couple of days – I thought I would have to go to 2018 to finish Project 3, but finally thwarted it. I used an old kit of mine with a camping theme as I worked with these 4 beautiful people at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in New York’s Catskill Mountains. Jean was my mentor when I first started working there in 2018, and her husband, Ron, managed the outside, seasonal employees. They retired in 2012, just before the park was sold to a huge corporation. The new owners prefer to hire college students through the J-1 Visa Program – an international exchange program, where the students pay their own way to work at various locations, in different capacities. Our park is a RV resort – hence the camping there.

riverside Creamery is a great place to take friends. I took our Chinese students, Katina and Sabrina there for a treat on a day off we had together, and they were generally enthralled. No plasticware there – all old-fashioned glassware and metal silverware. They had only seen such a place in old movies. I suggested they try different things to sample each other’s, which they did. Katina’s only remorse was that her grandmother would never be able to enjoy such an experience and the best ice cream they had ever tasted.

I took the photos, and rearranged the LO a bit. I also used Carole’s old-chain tube to hang my sign. I used the fonts, Two Cent MT, Sweets Delight and Black Tea.


Thank you again, Carole – it was sure enjoyable to use some of your great shortcuts!