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Cristina, nice and simple layout. That is a great example of how one does not need to add a ton of elements to showcase a photo.

Shirley, you used the glitters very well. It happens to everyone that a particular project does not seem to “hit” us the right way. Well, if you keep a pspimage version, you can come back to it later, in a few days, a few weeks or more, and maybe then, something will come up and inspire you.

Anne L. you found some fun items for your layout. May I suggest that you reduce the shadows on the title letters as they are fairly flat on the paper. It will also add a little definition if you increase the opacity a bit too.

Sandra, great use of the glitters. I also notice the “hand made” shadow on the curly ribbon. A small detail that adds realism.

Margo, welcome to the Campus and the Bootcamp. As your first digital layouts, I would say I am impressed! You even managed to use the shadows correctly, which is often a challenge for beginners. Were you already familiar with PSP?

Jacques, that will be a fun layout to share with Guido when he grows up! You are really getting comfortable with those projects!

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