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Sue Thomas
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November random challenge. Can you use the SAME photo, TWICE on the same page. Yes, I hope this counts. I duplicated the photo, and mirrored it. The frame is a font, which I coloured, textured, inner bevel and drop shadow. Carole’s snow corner punch, the other corner element is a brush duplicated, sculptured. The lace is Carole’s freebie. which I wrapped around the frames, I used the push tool on the edges, I removed the drop shadow from within the lace to give a little depth. Text on a reverse path. I have three snowshoe hares, I see the evidence of their presence more than I actually see them, droppings, foot prints, and where they have scratched the snow to get to the grass, as the snow gets deeper they can reach the new shoots of shrubs and trees, which they enjoy. I can quite easily change this into a Xmas card should I choose too.