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Shirley, that is fine. Others often like to know where participants find great supplies 🙂

Raymond, I really didn’t know all that about koi! Super interesting. My question about whether it was a project from the Bootcamp is just to help me keep track of how many projects from the Bootcamp each participant make (for the random draw at the end).

Anne L, great layout. And sometimes, it might not be the obvious photos we can expect but those from the little details that make a story more interesting.

Priscilla, yes, I tend to have some “starting points” as far as shadows are concerned. For papers, I will start with an offset of 10, an Opacity of 60 and Blur of 5. As the elements are getting thicker (like buttons, strings, beads), I will increase the Offset, and the Blur and reduce the Opacity. It is really a matter of practice and observation. You might start to notice shadows around you, on your desk, etc. For the personal details, it is quite ok not to include it in the posted layout. I just wanted to make sure YOU had it, even if only in YOUR version 🙂

De, what I am referring to is the fact that on that one clipart, on that last post, you can see the darker area at the bottom of the orange leaf. On your layout, that orange leaf has another instance, where that dark area ends up on the top:

For your glass (which is not part of the Bootcamp, for those who might wonder), maybe it has to do with the setting of the Fill tool?

Linda, that is such a cool photo to find! Great way to showcase that story.