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Sue Thomas
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Two images, same bird. Instead of using a mask to blend the two photos vertically, I matched the 2 pics the best I could and used the clone, and push tools. Used one of my masks on the other bird and placed a tilted frame around it. I also used a font heart, removed part of the frame, merged down, sculpture, drop shadow. At this time of year, as birds are leaving others are arriving, stopping off for a week or so, before continuing on their long journey south to warmer climes. I’m doing a series of these bird and insect  post cards. 5×7 photo  paper. When working on  a page I double the size of the  page. I love seeing them, and make the most of their short but sweet visit. I won’t see them again now until next Spring, when they make their way north, to their breeding grounds. I chose this song, as it’s fitting for this post card. Do you know who sings this song? I’ll add the singer’s name tomorrow.