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Bonnie Ballentine
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Yes, I used Google.

Z = Zamia Furfuracea

From southeastern coastal Mexico.
To 3 feet high, 6 feet wide.
Short, sometimes subterranean stem.
Fronds to 3 feet long, usually much less; have as many as 12 pairs (usually fewer) of extremely stiff, leathery, dark green segments to 412 inches long, 1 12 inches wide.
Segments may have a few teeth toward the tip.
Best in a fairly sunny spot, but with protection from hottest midday sun.

They are slow growing and costly, but with good care will last for many years, both indoors and out. Short trunks (may be completely or partially beneath soil level) are usually marked with scars from old leaf bases. Trunks are topped with circular crowns of leaves that resemble stiff fern fronds or small palm fronds.