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Sue Thomas
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Well here it is. I could still be editing the wings this time next week, but there come a time when I have to say, stop. I did what Sheila Hogg recommended. I selected a portion of the promoted to a new layer wings, mirrored horizontally, matched to the ones on the right side, erased using a soft brush to remove the original wings, and fair play I matched them perfectly, even if I say so myself. I then played with a few tools to reveal a little of the frame underneath, without loosing any detail on the wings. I used the push tool to lift the out of bounds wings, and did the same with their shadows. To give some dimension. All in all I’m almost 100% happy with it. Only a few would know that their wings are transparent, myself included, but her wings, with the light and colours from the tree and sky, give them that stained glass windows effect. The heart is a font, which I used an inner bevel and shadow on. Word art, scalloped mat was created using a flower brush. The lace doily and dragonfly elements are Cassel’s. So there she is,
a most beautiful creature if ever I saw one.