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Sue Thomas
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I’ll start by introducing this beautiful lady, she is a Variable Darner Dragonfly. I’ve just started this project, and not to loose the details of the mechanics of her wings, and other details, I opted for out of bounds, using a triangle frame, so not to reduce the image, to document and show case her. My question is, bearing in mind I don’t have filters/plugins, is there a way to remove the background showing through her transparent wings (Outside the frame) in PSP. As it is it looks odd and unrealistic. If not it’s back to the drawing board.  I used the latest  template from the lab 10-9.   I created a scalloped mat, instead of using a round brush I used  a flower.

Thank you April,  he is cute, I have several wild rabbits, and always pleased to see them, as I’m always  afraid they will become a meal for a Great Horned owl, or coyote.  I use fonts a lot to create frames, or to decorate  frames, especially  Cassel’s special fonts.  I’ve  also found some very nice free  lace brushes online too,  the  mitred corner script is wonderful. I’ll post a page where I’ve used a font to decorate a frame.