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Thank you, Sandra. It is peaceful here on a dirt road. This morning there was no fog, but right outside the window, not even three/four feet from it, was a Mama Deer and her baby. Baby still has some spots. Ran and got my camera AGAIN! My house is in the middle of an ancient apple orchard and apples are starting to fall. Lots for them to eat. 🙂 I see them two maybe three times during the day … sometimes even in the back yard just beyond the pergola where they like to hang out. I can see them from my kitchen window and I think Mom knows I am watching as she looks right at me, too. Plenty of natural stuff to eat there. I usually get the wild turkeys, too. It was a flock of seven and it has grown to about 14 in a matter of a couple weeks. Not sure where they are getting the new clan members?? But they are fun to watch, even if they do clean house on all the birds seed.