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Ann S, you asked “What’s next?”. I guess the next event in the Campus will be the Bootcamp, to help our newbies. I’ll see what other challenge will be in October 🙂

Shirley, if you discovered the templates late in the challenge, you might now use them to continue documenting more stories!

Lynda, pumpkins can definitely overtake a garden. I hope yours is large!

Cindy, that is a lot of tubes, but all very appropriate for your theme! That PB&J story is really a great display of using different colors for the text! That is no longer beginner’s level!!!

Corrie, that is such a nice story to remember about reading to your grandfather!

Euka, yes, you can keep adding those pages to your album. Remember that you don’t need photos to document them. Scrapbooking is not just about photos and if you wait for photos, the stories have time to get lost.

Bonnie, you could tell the story without having a photo of a snake!