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cindy harris
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Hi best Most Patient, I have no idea how you can do so much, Must be there’s magic in your black belt.

My daughter just got home from the hospital I cant wait to go over and see her, the recovery room nurse heather was so  awesome to me on the phone.    Those hrs in surgery and recovery was hard, But soon as I heard she was being released I tried to do my day 4 work that I was stuck on for 3 days, and it went zap zap done.   Like I had black belt Karate Power I added a lot of tubes because I love them so and even though its hard to make them its fun when I am stressed.   Me and stress don’t do good together.       tubes show how happy I am, lots of tubes.

The big shark is one that swam under me and people was yelling from the shore in Japan, who seen the shark shadow and was trying to warn me.   I was oblivious until I got on the beach, but he didn’t want me 🙂